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            Just outside of Boerne down Walnut Grove Road is a business that anyone in the market to build or remodel must know about.  This business is Catterton Woodworks.
           Owner Brent Catterton’s 25+ years in woodworking includes everything from homebuilding to high-end cabinets and built-ins to award winning one-of-a-kind specialty furniture.  Currently he offers custom doors and furniture to those discriminating buyers that just won’t settle for the ordinary.
            Every piece that emerges from Catterton Woodworks is a completely custom work of art; there are no stock doors or furniture to pick from here.  This is something that makes them a bit of a favorite among many local builders and interior designers.  It only makes sense that with the amount of high-end homes that are being built in this area, that his originality has paid off.  “A large amount of the new homes in the area are very grand in size and this makes it hard for their owners to find doors and furniture big enough to fit with the scale of the homes,” Catterton explains.
            Whether you already have something in mind or need help with your design, Catterton Woodworks will assist you in getting the perfect finished product.  They have access to a huge selection of the finest solid woods and veneers and with Brent’s expertise can assist you in choosing the right wood for your job.  “Mesquite is the most popular for furniture,” he says, “Alder and Mahogany seem to be the top choices for doors.”  But don’t let this limit your creativity.  According to Brent it really is just a matter of personal preference.  “I have one designer who loves pieces made of long-leaf pine,” he says, “we’ve worked with many unique woods, both exotic and domestic.”

Brent Catterton

          Also available to perfect your project are a wide variety of stains and finishes.  The woods can be distressed, hand-scrapped, carved and more!  They even have their own architect who can assist you in the process of designing your furniture or door.
            The entire process at Catterton Woodworks is really a collaboration between Brent and local craftsman Ruben Hernandez.  Brent’s wife Sandy keeps the books and makes sure everything is running smoothly.
            Catterton’s clients included everyone from your average homeowner to homebuilders and even commercial accounts such as James Avery.
            Catterton Woodworks builds the entry doors for James Avery retail locations.  They began building the display cases for Avery and did so for many years.  Then they made the switch to building their doors and make two types for James Avery.
            Another more prevalent project was the building of seven pieces of Mesquite furniture for St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Boerne.  Catterton really went the extra mile on these pieces.  Not only is the craftsmanship exquisite, but he and some friends even went out and cut the Mesquite wood by hand!
            Much of Brent’s clientele is repeat business and it is easy to see why.  This is a testament to the personal service he provides in design, production and delivery.  Brent’s main objective is to give customers what they want and it appears he is reaching his goal.

-Moving On! Magazine - January/February 2008 issue


"For a unique experience, visit Brent's shop and show room. One of the best woodworking facility's I've ever had the pleasure of seeing."
-Curtis Whittington
Furniture Maker


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